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What different urostomy pouches are available?

There are a wide variety of urostomy pouches available, made by several manufacturers. Pouches are waterproof and odour-proof and have skin-friendly adhesives, which act as a protective barrier for the skin around the stoma.

The pouches are fitted with a non-return valve, which prevents the urine in the pouch from flowing back over the stoma. The pouches all have a tap or bung at the bottom, which allows for emptying into the toilet when the pouch is becoming full, leaving the pouch in place to continue collecting wee.

Pouches are available as either one-piece or two-piece products.

Two-piece systems consist of an adhesive flange, which is stuck to the skin around the stoma, and a pouch attached onto the flange to collect wee. With this type of pouch, the flange can typically remain on the abdomen for three to five days, with only a need to change the pouch.

One-piece systems consist of a pouch with the adhesive flange sealed directly onto it, which means that the whole pouch needs to be changed each time. Typically, these can be left on the skin for one to three days before the pouch needs to be changed.

Both types are available in a range of pre-cut sizes or with a starter hole that can be cut to fit individual stomas. You might find that the pre-cutting option is very useful once the stoma has retained a regular shape, especially if you have sight or dexterity issues which can make cutting the pouches difficult.

The pouch changes we recommend here are only guidelines and your stoma care nurse will be able to provide personalised advice. Urostomy pouches and other items essential for care of the stoma are available on prescription without charge. If you are aged under 60, you will need to complete an exemption form.