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How your money helps

We are touched and grateful for every gift we receive. Whether this be a first donation, regular monthly gift, a funeral collection, a gift in celebration, or following some fantastic fundraising.

Please know we spend every penny with great care, and your donations help support urostomates and those who care for them, wherever they are on their personal journey. Thanks to you, we can be there for them, however and whenever they need us.

With kindness like yours, we can run our helpline and keep people informed and supported through our regular magazine, e-newsletters, group meetings, social media and fact sheets. Kindness like yours is also helping grow the services people receive, including new ‘meet the expert’ webinars, online support groups, videos and so much more.

Your support matters. By making a donation, you help urostomates know that they’re not alone, they can overcome their fears and grow in confidence so life feels like normal again.

Thank you.

This photo is of someone holding a mobile phone. It is the header image on the 'Helpline' page of the Urostomy Association's website

£5 a month could help ensure that our helpline is there for anxious callers.

This is a photo of a woman looking at a laptop. It is the header image for the Urostomy Association's page on webinars.

£10 a month could help fund ‘meet the expert’ webinars enabling urostomates to speak directly to those in the know.

This photograph is of two women talking. It is the header image for the 'one to one support' page on the Urostomy Association's website

£50 a month could help ensure that there’s a local buddy available to provide one-to-one support.