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Life with a urinary diversion can feel daunting. So it’s vital that people have somewhere to turn for reassurance and advice, from diagnosis to living life to the full again. We can provide that support.

We offer information and support through our helpline, regular magazine, e-newsletters, one-to-one buddies, group meetings, social media and resources. We also have information, support and advice for families and carers too.

We link you up with a community who can reassure you and help you make the decisions and choices to live your best life before, during and after surgery. Many of our staff and volunteers live with a urinary diversion themselves, so we understand what you’re going through from personal experience.

In addition to providing practical and emotional support, the charity aims to increase awareness of urinary diversions across healthcare and the general public.

Our vision is that people facing or living with a urinary diversion receive the support and representation they need to live life to its fullest.

  • Compassionate – We treat everyone with compassion, courtesy, respect and dignity.
  • Inclusive – We actively involve those who need our services as we fulfil our strategic objectives, to ensure we are more inclusive and meet diverse needs.
  • Ambitious – We are determined to make change happen, embracing all the opportunities that technology offers, so supporters feel we are doing all we can to meet their needs.
  • Knowledgeable – We will make the most of our networks, partnerships, expert advisors, volunteers and supporters, to build on shared best practice and constantly evolve as an organisation.

To deliver on our vision and live our values we will:

  • Provide a breadth of high quality information and advice, and peer-led support to individuals affected by a urinary diversion, and their families
  • Actively engage policy makers and practitioners to keep our supporters’ needs top of their agenda
  • Support a thriving Urostomy Association community
  • Assist professionals in supporting urostomates and their families

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