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It’s not unusual to feel anxious when you have, or are facing, a urinary diversion. It isn’t always easy to talk to loved ones, particularly as they’re unlikely to fully understand what you’re going through. But don’t worry, you can call our helpline for support, advice and help.

Depending on your question, we may be able to answer it there and then. Other times we will match you with a trained volunteer with relevant and helpful experience. We are not medically trained, so we cannot provide clinical information, but our volunteers have been in your position. They understand that you may feel scared, apprehensive and confused, and can provide you with reassurance and support.

People we support tell us that simply having someone to talk to who has been through it themselves can make a huge difference.

Call our helpline on 01223 910854.

“Thank you for putting me in touch with your volunteer, Margaret. I had a lovely chat with her this afternoon and she was able to offer great advice and tips on making travel a bit less of a worry.”

Amanda, Urostomy Association supporter