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Volunteer with us

Our volunteers change lives. They support people with or about to have a urinary diversion, offering them information, advice, friendship and community. Without our volunteers, we would not be able to offer so much help.

Our volunteers receive full training and support from staff, trustees and other volunteers. We have a range of opportunities for them to get involved in, including:

  • Buddies – talk to (and sometimes visit) people who need support, before or after surgery
  • Local Champions – represent us at open days and events, and organise small local get-togethers
  • Fundraisers – organise events and challenges to raise funds for our work

We’re always open to suggestions for other ways you can support us too, such as help with admin or communication.

Why volunteer?

People choose to volunteer with a charity for many reasons. These can include:

  • Wanting to give something back to an organisation that has impacted their life or someone they love
  • Wanting to support others and make a difference to their lives
  • Developing new skills or knowledge
  • Using their existing skills or knowledge to benefit an organisation that couldn’t otherwise access them

If you would like to find out more about becoming a volunteer with the Urostomy Association, get in touch 01386 430140 (UK)01386 430140 (UK) or Contact us by emailContact us by email.