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Directory of suppliers

This is a photo of a man in front of a laptop. It is to illustrate online shopping. It is the header image of the 'Directory of Suppliers' page on the Urostomy Association website

This directory contains a selection of items which you might find helpful in managing your urinary diversion.

Please note that the Urostomy Association does not recommend individual companies or products, and inclusion in this list does imply an endorsement from us.

Make a regular donation

This picture is of a pair of hands holding a heart symbol. It is the header image for the 'make a regular donation' page on the Urostomy Association website.

Regular, monthly donations are crucial because life with a urinary diversion can feel daunting. It’s vital that people have somewhere to turn for reassurance, from diagnosis to living life to the full again. We provide that support, but can only do so with kind donations.

Attend an event

This photo is of a notepad with the word 'events' written on it. It is the header image for page on the Urostomy Association's website which describes the events which urostomates might like to attend

You may like getting together with others and sharing ideas, tips and experiences. Knowing that others understand what life is like living with a urinary diversion can be reassuring and empowering. On our events page you can see what’s being organised by our groups, branches, equipment suppliers and others.