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Understanding issues that may arise with a urostomy

This is a photo of a woman researching information on her tablet. It is the header image for the 'what to expect with a urostomy' page on the Urostomy Association's website

The idea of having a urinary diversion can be a bit daunting. You’ll be pleased to know that after an operation to form a urostomy, many people have few or no problems whatsoever. However, some do experience difficulties, and we hope that this page helps you understand some of the issues that may occur.

Directory of suppliers

This is a photo of a man in front of a laptop. It is to illustrate online shopping. It is the header image of the 'Directory of Suppliers' page on the Urostomy Association website

This directory contains a selection of items which you might find helpful in managing your urinary diversion.

Please note that the Urostomy Association does not recommend individual companies or products, and inclusion in this list does imply an endorsement from us.

Leaflets and downloads

This is a photo of someone being handed an information pack at an event. It is the header image for the 'leaflets and downloads' page on the Urostomy Association's website.

You need timely, trusted information when making big decisions about surgery or exploring what life will be like with a urinary diversion. Here you can find a growing library of information sheets, alongside other downloads.

Donna’s advice on flying with a urostomy

This is a screenshot of a video featuring urostomate, Donna Watson, in which she describes two holidays; the first in the UK and secondly on safari much further afield.

Donna is a UA volunteer, and a frequent traveller. As part of her volunteering, she assists in providing training for security staff at Northern Ireland’s business airport. Donna recorded this video as part of the Urostomy Association’s ‘Travelling with a urostomy’ webinar, held on 11 April 2024