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Directory of suppliers

This directory contains a selection of items which you might find helpful in managing your urinary diversion.

Please note that the Urostomy Association does not recommend individual companies or products, and inclusion in this list does not imply an endorsement from us.

If you know of a product which you find beneficial, please do let us know and we can consider including it page updates.

Car seat belt protection

Clippasafe Bump Belt – This is a product made for pregnant women, but it may also be suitable for people with a urostomy. The Bump Belt’s seat pad fastens the vehicle seatbelt as normal, ensuring that the lap portion could possibly be positioned away from the stoma (depending on location). The Bump Belt’s elasticated flaps are then simply secured over the lap portion of the seatbelt.

Care4Car CarPoint Seat Belt Stopper – fits around the seat belt, and allows you to
pull out some slack so you can drive in comfort, without affecting the
operation of the seat belt.

Care4Car CarPoint Belt Clip – relieves seat belt discomfort which can be caused by the
seat belt rubbing.

Clothing, lingerie and swimwear

We are often asked where people can purchase clothing, such as underwear and high-waisted trousers. Most people can wear whatever they wish, but some people may find trousers with a high waist more comfortable, for example.

If you are looking for support garments for a parastomal hernia, please see our separate section for this.

  • Able 2 Wear – Clothing designed with wheelchair users in mind
  • Chums Ltd – Designers of high waisted trousers, men’s and women’s leisurewear
  • CUI International – Underwear with a pocket. Available on prescription in some areas. Swimwear also available.
  • I am denim – Jeans designed specifically for people with a stoma
  • Respond Healthcare – Retailers of swimwear and underwear
  • SuportX (AMI Medical) – High-waist underwear with built-in pocket to support the pouch. May be available on prescription.
  • Vanilla Blush – Underwear and swimwear, bridal lingerie. Some items may be available on prescription.
  • White Rose Collection – Underwear, clothing and nightwear designed for people with ostomies.

Mattress protection

We are often asked how to protect mattresses against occasional night-time leaks. We cannot recommend individual companies or their products, but you may find the following selection helpful.

  • Many high street stores sell waterproof mattress covers (e.g. John Lewis and The Range) in all bed sizes. Do ensure that the description contains the word “waterproof”, as some are protection against dirt/dust mites etc, but are not waterproof.
  • If you use a Dispensing Appliance Contractor (DAC) to deliver your medical
    equipment, it is worth contacting them, as some do supply waterproof
  • Age UK have a selection of bed pads, duvet and mattress protectors, bed wetting alarms and mattress cleaning accessories.
  • Allanda sell bad pads, mattress and duvet protectors.
  • Hartmann have a range of bed pads, duvet and mattress protectors.
  • Respond sell waterproof mattress protectors and bed pads.

Support garments

We are often asked about support garments. While we do not recommend
individual companies or their products, you may find the information below