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About the Urostomy Association

Life with a urinary diversion can feel daunting. So it’s vital that people have somewhere to turn for reassurance and advice, from diagnosis to living life to the full again. We provide that support.

We offer information and support through our helpline, regular magazine, e-newsletters, group meetings, social media and fact sheets. We also have information, support and advice for families and carers too.

We link you up with a community who can reassure you and help you make the decisions and choices to live your best life before, during and after surgery. Many of our staff and volunteers live with a urinary diversion themselves, so we understand what you’re going through from personal experience.

In addition to providing practical and emotional support, the charity aims to increase awareness of urinary diversions across healthcare and the general public, including through world-leading research.

The values that define all our work are:

  • Compassion – we have kindness for all who need us and are sensitive in our approach
  • Respect – we are courteous, treating everyone with dignity
  • Integrity – we are consistently open, honest and reliable in all we do
  • Trust – we seek to build trust in every relationship

Through UA Voices, our community helps shape what we do and the way we do it so that we’re the best we can be for everyone who needs us.