Information publications

Below is a list of leaflets and publications available from National Office. To request a copy of any leaflets please click here.

Pam Flint DVD “Coping with Cancer”

DVD, price £5.00 suggested donation (or loaned to members on request). To request a DVD, click here.

Available leaflets

  • Active Living
  • Continent Urinary Diversion
  • Expectations of care for patients with a continent urinary diversion
  • Expectations of care for patients with a neo-bladder
  • Expectations of care for patients with a urostomy
  • Female sexual matters and pregnancy
  • How you can help UA with a legacy
  • Male sexual matters
  • Membership information and application form
  • Orthotopic/Neo-bladder/bladder reconstruction
  • Travel Information
  • Understanding issues that may arise with a urostomy
  • Urinary infections in urinary diversion
  • What is a Urostomy?
  • Travel Certificates (Catheter)
  • Travel Certificates (Stoma appliances)
  • Travel Insurance information
  • No Waiting cards for use in disability toilet
  • Mattress protection