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Supporting the Manifesto for Equitable Healthcare

In what is likely to be an election year, we are proud to join National Voices in its Manifesto for Equitable Healthcare, putting forward three general election priorities:

  1. Pioneer a cross-government strategy to reduce the gap in healthy life expectancy.
  2. Introduce a package of measures to reduce the health impact of the rising cost of living.
  3. Focus on getting the basics right.

National Voices has been working on, and refining, its asks since the party conferences in September, and we’re pleased, as members of this important alliance, to join others in making contributions throughout this process.

The manifesto is supported by a common theme – ensuring that the NHS works for all, not just those who know how to navigate the system or who come from more privileged backgrounds.

In the manifesto we seek to remind politicians that adopting these three priorities will not just improve things for patients but will also help drive NHS stability and wider economic benefits.