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Launching rare and less common cancers manifesto

In the UK, 47% of all cancer diagnoses and 55% of all cancer deaths are from rare or less common cancers (including bladder cancer). That means that, every year, around 180,000 people will be diagnosed with a rare or less common cancer, and more than 92,000 people will die from one.

The Urostomy Association has joined with Cancer52* and others in the release of ‘The Other Half. A manifesto to transform outcomes for people with rare and less common cancers’. The manifesto was launched at a reception in the House of Commons and outlines three key priorities:  

Priority 1: Reduce the number of deaths from all cancers by 15% by 2040, saving 80,000 lives, and address health inequalities that contribute to poorer outcomes. 

Priority 2: Increase early diagnosis of rare and less common cancers which will improve patient experience, quality of life and help save more lives. 

Priority 3: A new national mission on rare and less common cancers with patient involvement at its core. 

*Cancer52 represents over 110 predominantly small patient support group cancer charities, including the Urostomy Association, united by their vision of seeing a better future for everyone affected by the rare and less common cancers, which account for more than half of all cancer deaths in the UK. Cancer52 works on matters that impact on the rare and less common cancer community – defined as all cancers outside of the ‘big four’ of breast, prostate, lung and bowel.