Guides for patients

The aims and objectives of the Urostomy Association are fairly widespread, covering many aspects of a person’s life.

We assist in whatever way we can, such as helping patients in the period both before and after the operation, with such help and support as may be necessary and assisting them to resume as full a life as possible, with complete confidence. We have many years experience of answering questions about urinary diversions and have a lot of information on the subject.

Our Consultants and Stoma Nurses do a fantastic job of providing us with the medical care that we need, but most of them do not live with the everyday problems, some small and some not so small, of living with a Urinary Diversion.

We can put you in touch with members who have had a similar experience. We do not on any account, give any medical advice whatsoever to anyone, as that this is for the Consultant and for the Stoma Nurse.