Gift Aid

Something for nothing!

This form of income is very important to us – over £43,000 has been claimed since we began.

We would like your help to ensure that we maximize our gift aid income.

Since April 2001 the Urostomy Association have been applying for tax rebate on all subscriptions and donations made by any individual tax-payer, provided they have signed a declaration in favour of UA confirming they pay enough tax annually to cover the amount we would claim in any particular year. You do not need to be a member of UA, and it can be a one-off sum or an ongoing declaration valid until you advise us you no longer pay tax, or elect to cancel for personal reasons.

During the early stages, some members were a little reluctant to commit to joining the scheme for fear that their tax affairs might be subject to scrutiny – be assured that no contact will be made to individuals by the tax office – the onus is on the UA to ensure that everything is in order, and we would emphasize that we have not had one query in the 10 years we have been claiming.

We believe, now that most charities claim against this scheme, the public have lost any apprehension they may have had about signing up.

How can you help?

Firstly, you may not be working, but you may still be paying tax. This qualifies you to sign our Gift Aid Declaration Form. If you just pay your subscription plus, for example, a total of £50 in donations each year, then we can claim back £16 from HMRC.

So you see, in this particular scenario, you only have to pay a small amount of tax in a year to qualify. If and when you stop paying tax, just inform us and we remove you from any future claims.

You may have been a member for some years, but have never signed up for Gift Aid. If you pay income tax, then please consider completing the form at the back of your Journal and return to the National Secretary. We do the rest.


A very lucrative form of Gift Aid income has, up until now, been sponsorships.

If you decide to do a sponsored event in favour of UA, then we can provide forms with all of the correct detail to enable us to claim back tax on the amounts contributed by individuals who have ticked the appropriate Gift Aid box. Just call or e-mail our National Secretary for details.

Other ways members have helped, have been when presents are no longer required for a special birthday or anniversary, they have asked for donations to UA.

These can be in an envelope with a declaration on the outside with the contributor’s name and address requesting we claim Gift Aid on their behalf. In the same way as sponsorship, they must qualify as tax payers. Please contact us if you need clarification, help or advice.