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What we want to achieve – together

Project 50+ is not a ‘quick fix’. It is about taking the time to carefully consider the best way of providing our specialist service so that the Association, which is a charity, builds the resilience it needs to survive in this very tough economic climate and reach the many people who are not yet accessing our support. Very importantly though, we want to do this while continuing to serve our current members really well.

We are proud that, together with our members, we have fostered such a welcoming, friendly and supportive community for people with a urostomy, or other form of urinary diversion, and their families and carers. Like you, we want to see this continue to flourish so that everyone who is part of it does, too.

As you can see, there’s a lot going on as we move forward with Project 50+. We’ll continue to keep you updated here and in the newsletters you receive.