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Drawing on their own experience of life with a urostomy, and giving their time and skills free of charge to help others, our valued volunteers are critical to service the Association provides. We recognise though, that the way we recruit, train and support them can be much better. That’s why we’ve introduced our Volunteer Focus Group to involve our volunteers in the improvements we want to make and gather their feedback and suggestions.

Thank you to everyone who attended the first meeting on Zoom on 12 April and contributed to what was a very helpful discussion, including around how best we can develop a thriving network of ‘Buddies’ to provide support for people before, during and after their surgery. Some of you are already providing this invaluable service, but we need more like you as the Association grows, and we want to make sure we’re always providing the best training and support for you all.

We’ll update you on all things Buddy-related as our plan takes shape. In the meantime, a big thank-you to the eight people who kindly put themselves forward to be part of the ongoing Focus Group, helping us enhance the way we work with our volunteers and making it a great experience for them.