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Top post-op & recovery tips

  • When you’re changing your bag, allow yourself plenty of time and privacy so you can do things at your own pace and without interruptions.
  • There are different types of equipment and suppliers available. You may find that some types suit you better than other, so work with your Stoma Care Nurse to find what works best for you
  • The positioning of your stoma may affect the position in which you are able to sleep. Many people find sleeping on their back most comfortable while they are healing post-surgery. If you are using a night drainage bag, consider where this will go. Stands are available for either beside the bed, or between mattress and bed.
  • Be prepared for some leaks from your bags in the early days and don’t feel upset or down when it does happen, it’s very common. A mattress protector on your bed will give you reassurance at night.
  • Don’t rush back to work or your hobbies until you feel ready. You will get back to doing the things you enjoy, but take your time until you feel comfortable and confident to give things a try.