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Post-Op and Recovery

For the first few days after your operation, your nurse will look after your urostomy for you. They will make sure that the bag is emptied and changed as often as necessary. At first your stoma will be slightly swollen, and it may be several weeks before it settles down to its final size. The stoma will also produce mucus (a thick white substance), which might appear as pale ‘threads’ in the urine.

As soon as you feel ready, your nurse will show you how to clean your stoma and change the bags yourself. You might like your nurse to show a close relative or friend how to do this as well, in case you ever need help at home.

Your nurse will also talk to you about different types of equipment and how to get new supplies once you go home.

The length of your stay in hospital will vary, depending on things like your general health and the type of operation you have. As long as you do not have any complications, it is likely to be 7-10 days. Your medical team will want to be sure that your stoma is working correctly before you go home.

You will usually be able to get back to most activities within about 8 weeks, although strenuous activities should be avoided for 3 months. Your medical team will give you the best advice for your particular situation.