Manchester & NW

Mr Jeremy Oates MD, FRCS(Urol), PGCME, MBChB

Mrs Kath Smith

Hazel Pixley

Julie Varley

Forthcoming meetings

The Branch holds three Meetings per year, in February, May, and October, at Salford Royal NHS Hospital Trust (formerly Hope).

Please contact Branch Secretary to confirm attendance.

About the branch

Having a urinary diversion in our area? Or have you had one already?

If the answer is yes, then we may be able to help. We`ve all had the operation ourselves, so we all know what it`s like.

Don’t be alone – we can help you to deal with your concerns.

After all, we – following our predecessors – have been meeting since 1971, when our indomitable founder, urostomist Valerie Kings, MBE, together with specialist nurse, the late Laurie Kenefick, and finally consultant urologist Mr Raymond Carroll, got together in Manchester to set up the Urostomy Association, which is now a national body.

We have in this Branch about 150 members, and we cover a wide area,-roughly Manchester and 30 miles round. You can get in touch with us by telephone, or at the internet addresses given below.

We`re still doing what our Founders were aiming at:

  • Meeting together to encourage and support one another
  • Visiting men and women who are about to have a urinary diversion, and want to know what to expect
  • Helping those who encounter problems in dealing with their diversion
  • Raising money for research into ways of improving treatment
  • Generally acting to promote the interests of people with a Urinary Diversion.