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Exercise and sport

Once you have recovered from your surgery, a urinary diversion should not prevent you taking part in sports and activities which you previously enjoyed. Speak to your consultant or specialist nurse about the right time for you to resume these activities.

  • When you’re ready, you will be able to re-start activities such as running, cycling and dancing with minimal, if any, adjustments.
  • If contact sports such as rugby are more your thing, you will need to consider the increased risk of damage to your stoma. But protective caps are available, so you should still be able to return to the sport you love.
  • If you enjoy swimming or a sauna, you will be able to take up these hobbies again. You may like to try a few different styles of swimwear to find something that makes you feel most comfortable, You will also find that some companies make swimwear and smaller pouches that will help you get back in the pool with confidence. Read our Clothing, Lingerie and Swimwear leaflet for ideas on swimwear.