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Your options explained

There are a number of different types of surgery to create urinary diversions. The most suitable option for you will depend on your individual medical circumstances. Your consultant and specialist nurse will discuss your situation with you.

The options currently in use are:

  • Urostomy (also sometimes called ileal conduit) – this is when the surgeon creates a new exit for your urine, via an opening on the surface of your body, known as a stoma. The urine is collected in a pouch or bag on the outside of your body and emptied manually by you (or your carer where appropriate).
  • Bladder reconstruction – this is when the surgeon constructs a new bladder (known as a neobladder) to replace your bladder after it has been removed. They will use a piece of your bowel to do this. After surgery you will either pass urine directly or you may need to use as tube (known as a catheter).
  • Continent urinary diversion eg Mitrofanoff – this is when the surgeon creates an opening on the surface of your body (a stoma) and a tube (a catheter) is inserted either into your natural bladder or a bladder constructed from your bowel. A new catheter must be used regularly to drain the urine, but there is no need to wear a pouch on the outside of your body.

Browse our information leaflets to find out more detail about these options.