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The Urostomy Association has many years experience of answering questions about urinary diversions. We are here to help you practically and emotionally by providing both clear information and peer-to-peer support. We will do that at every stage, from diagnosis through to after your surgery and as you get back to living a full life.

As well as reading the information and leaflets on this site, you may like to join our private Urostomy Association Members Group on Facebook, where you will find a friendly and supportive community to answer your questions. The group is a safe and confidential space for you to get to know and learn from others who are facing similar situations, or have done so in the past. In some areas of the country, local groups meet online and in person to provide support.

We publish a digital magazine called the Journal 3 times a year, with articles, stories and tips about living with a urinary diversion. Find out more and join the email mailing list on the Journal page of this site.

We can also provide information and support to anyone who is helping to care for you at any stage. In the ‘Supporting someone’ section of this website we have provided tips and information that they may find useful.